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What We Do

SAY IT LOUD is an opinion poll/research center that collects data from Black America, report results of various polls and studies, and in turn voices those concerns in unbiased, authentic views of Black America and Blacks throughout the world.

No longer can the world be misinformed of what is on our minds, how we feel about a particular issue, who we support, and what we believe, or any reason to assume the opinions of or speak for Black America. No longer will our voices be silenced and no longer will media-chosen Black faces misrepresent the masses.

Newest Surveys

Your Thoughts on Christianity, Religion and God

Each generation has their opinion on Christianity and God, what they believe or do not believe, and how they have influenced their lives.

Leisure Time Activities

What are we doing with our spare time and should we put more effor into helping others and the community?

Black America and the Police

In an on-going trend of police violence against Blacks, SAY IT LOUD decided to ask the Black community its opinion on the relations between Blacks and the police.

Survey Results

Below are the results from our most recent surveys.

Economics of Black America...

How is Black America spending their money? What percentage of Black Americans are saving and investing.

Leisure and Black Lifestyle...

What is Black America doing when they are not working? And what are we doing with our time?

Your Faith and Health...

We asked Black America questions concerning their own personal health and their opinions about medical science.

Latest news and info

Black Women are Most Likely to...

Learn about why Black women are in the situation they are.

Black Scientist find that...

Yes, Black scientist exist and they have the answers for us all.

Black Scientist find that...

Yes, Black scientist exist and they have the answers for us all.

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