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  • The New Black Scene Site - Coming Soon!

    The Black Scene Live Site is an extension of the Black Scene Video Sharing Site. There you can upload larger videos, encode Youtube and videos from other sites, upload audio and more. We are working on Live broadcasting so please stay tuned.

    Eventually, we will be moving the site to the new location. All members will have to create new accounts so please visit the site and do so when you get a chance. Right now all your videos are still available to the public.

    Thank you,


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  • How the Black Media is Tearing down Black Intellect

    The main problem is that the Black media lack originality and draw off the lead of the white mainstream. Fear of what whites will say about them and threats to withdraw support from them, restrain the Black media from being creative and fighting back against the attacks on Blacks from the white mainstream. So instead of being innovative and designing a media agenda to drive progress in the Black community, they feed off the negative of the white media about Blacks and design programs and promotions that address the wrongs that whites tell us we have.

    In addition, the Black media copy the white in areas of television shows, radio programming and host, the format, topics, and messages they send. Instead of pulling away from the typical programming format of celebrity this, soap drama that, comic radio DJ this, attitude having stereotypical Black woman that, the Black media pushes this drug on Black America from morning to midnight and wonder why we have not "reached the promise land."


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  • Black Doctrine: an interpretive Journal of Black life

    Black Doctrine is an interpretive Journal of Black life throughout the Diaspora. Our content is collective works of independent writers, thinkers, and theorist on the concept of Black social, political, and daily life. Here you will find a refreshing source of news and information pertaining to issues experienced by people of color worldwide.

    Our goal is to awaken the minds of the populous so to use their free-will against devices of authoritarian rule. To reassure the masses that organized unity is destined to defeat the spirit of economic oppression, systemic injustice, and social discrimination. Our approach includes collective consciousness, spiritual refinement, and the might of unity

    Our motivation comes from our God-given rights as free born into this world; equipped with the unction to make use of the fruit and resources of the land; to live a life of peace and continued, evolving illumination. It is our duty to learn and grow strong together and battle all instances of evil, wickedness and inhumanity.



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  • Black Scene: The Afro American Video Site

    The Black Scene is a video site for the Afro American community. Enjoy vintage and original videos from around the country and Diaspora.

    Join the site and upload your video; rather it is indie music, a short documentary or a personal rant. Black Scene gives power back to the people.

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